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Tree Advice:

Choosing a Professional

As an arborist, I find myself answering the same 5 questions about tree work over and over again. I hope this informative list of my typical answers will help you make the best decisions for your tree removal or trimming project.

1. Arborist

Only hire a licensed arborist. Verify their license by calling 225-952-8100 or by checking the list on the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry website

2. Insurance

Only hire a company that is fully insured. Many arborists carry general liability, which covers accidental damage to property. The best companies also carry workers compensation, which protects you if their worker gets hurt on your property. Prices may be a litter cheaper from the company with no insurance. That is because you are insuring them. Don't do it.

3. Contract

Get your project bid and contract in writing. The price and description of work must be included. The weakest ink still beats the strongest memory.

4. Plan

Ask about the details of the process and the finished product. 

Do you need to be home?

What about access through gates?

Underground hazards?

Should you cover the pool, or kennel the dogs?

Will you have to rake up the small debris?

Is stump grinding included?

What about stump shavings?

What payment is accepted?

When is it due?

Answer these and any other questions ahead of time. It will make everyone happier.

5. Scheduling

This depends upon many factors including your schedule, their schedule, and the weather. Patience and flexibility will be the key to successful scheduling.

Your licensed arborist should have no problem providing insurance, writing a contract, articulating a plan, and scheduling your project. Once that is in place, the tree work will be painless for both you and your property (with the possible exception of the trees).

(P.S. Only pay for work that is complete)

Dillon Morse, owner

Arbordale Land & Tree Service