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Anyone can grind a stump, but then what?

After 20 years of tree work, I can tell you there are big differences in how you clean it up. The cheapest way, of course, is to leave it however you grind it. That leaves a lot of hard work for the customer, and not much of yard. The best, and most expensive way, is to dig out everything you grind, backfill with good soil and then sod or seed. This can be cost prohibitive, especially with many stumps. My most efficient middle ground option is to remove only the excess shavings, but leave enough to backfill the area. Then I compact the area with my machine as I level. The grass fills in over time, and the settling is minimal. The most important thing is to get it all the first time, and that’s another reason you should get it cleaned up. The shavings can hide roots or parts of the stump, and you will not know unless you clean up. I hope this helps you plan your stump removal. This job was a middle ground option, and the excess shavings filled the dump trailer in the picture. 

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Stump Grinding Price Guide:

Small: Less than 12" $100

Medium: 12"-20" $200

Large: 20"-36" $375

Monster: 36" or more = Call for price